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Oct 16, 2011 6:30pm PDT
us with how jobs is being remembered. >> reporter: and he was a private man and this memorial for him is no different. this is a very private event, lots and lots of security, got the feel of a presidential visit. this is as far as the public is allowed to go here at stanford university, this barricade here. you see the colorful building all the way in the background, that is memorial church, half mile away where the events are being held tonight. they've got us pushed back quite a ways. but we do have aerial pictures from what this event looks like on the ground, people arriving from all over the world, from what we're hearing. they started coming here as early as 4:00 today. a private event, start time and guest list are a mystery. from what we can tell, we've been catching people here at the roadblocks, so we understand people from the ukraine are here because they are unveiling some sort of jobs statue in the ukraine. the velvet ropes went up this afternoon. security guards had the building surrounded for much of the day. some of silicon valley's elite business leaders are rep
Oct 9, 2011 6:30pm PDT
someplace new-- just us. i want all of us to see it that way. but can it deliver? after weeks of rallies and encampments, occupy wall street protests are not going away. linda yee joins us-- to talk about what th >>> good evening. the movement is demanding change, but can it deliver? after weeks of rallies, occupy wall street protests are not going away. we're joined to talk about what that could mean for the protesters success. >> there is a legitimacy to the protest as long as it remains disciplined focus and nonviolent but can that transform the political climate? the sides are already been drawn. several dozen continue the occupation of city hall. 50 to 60 demonstrators occupy the sidewalk by the federal reserve bank in the san francisco. they are the lower and middle class t out of work, the people that lost their herniation all protesting wall street, the symbol of wealth and greed but overnight in sacramento, a different story. occupation is allowed but only during operating hours, by closing time police moved in and arrested 14 demonstrators but like the tea party movement, can okay
Oct 30, 2011 6:30pm PDT
. >> yeah, i mean if we have some bad toilets it's a good excuse for the cops to come in and tell us we have to leave because we're braking laws, i'm helping making signs for people to go 0 other resources available in the community. >> reporter: as tensions rice at occupy locations ... [ yelling ] >> so does the smell generated by the smell of human waste. >> interview: let's solve the problem and get on with the rest of the job that we all have to do on a daily basis. no one wants to wallow in you know what. >> reporter: but whose problem is it to solve? the toilets were provided to the protestors by private donation, not the city. this after health officials issued a warning to clean up the camps because of visible human waste. mayor ed lee saying all along protestors will be removed if the camp becomes a public health hazard. and while all the talk here is on what the city is going to do at thissen camp. some of the vendors say there may be another variable that may come into play very soon. what do you hope will eventually happen as a vendor? >> interview: well, i suppose we'll all
Oct 2, 2011 6:30pm PDT
information from folks that may have left the scene, but have valuable information for us. >> reporter: police also spent much of the day trying to track down the people responsible for the party, which was advertised on the internet, but did not have a permit. >> when that occurs, we're notified if there's going to be a large group, gathering of some sort, so we can monitor it. at this point, there was no notification of that, and as far as i know, no permits were issued. >> startling. it's disturbing, obviously. but it's the times we're living in now. >> reporter: in san leandro, anne mackovic, cbs 5. >>> well, san francisco's bayview district, a man dead in the 1400 block of thomas avenue last night. police found the victim shot multiple times at a store nearby. 21-year-old nick franton died at the hospital. no arrests have been made. >>> police are still investigating the shooting of an intruder in bay point. a woman told police a man entered her home on doris circle last night and threatened her and her daughter. police say she pulled a gun and shot the man, killing h
Oct 23, 2011 6:30pm PDT
joining us, tonight, new questions surrounding what police call a homicide on a bay area highway. interstate 580 was shut down for nearly 10 hours after a paratransit van hit and killed a motorcyclist, all starting near 150th avenue near san leandro yesterday afternoon. more on the scene to sort out confusion. >> reporter: and we were at about this position yesterday when this was happening, and right now we have fresher video of the incident about that time yesterday. let's have a look at it. the very top you see a group of motorcyclists. possibly wearing hell's angels clothing, getting off the freeway. we understand they spoke only very briefly with the police then left. then you saw the huge mess of confusion, people trying to figure out how to get off the highway, and then later shots of where the accident ended up. now yesterday we reported statements from the investigators that it appeared that the driver of a paratransit van had on purpose hit a motorcyclist, killing him. today, somebody else offered more events. now the crash as we know happened here on 580 near san leand
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5